Skutterudite superlattices for Thermoelectric applications

Sponsor: Czech Science Foundation

Principal investigator: Ing. Jiří Navrátil, CSc.

Co-principal invstigators: Prof., Ing. Miroslav Jelínek, DrSc.; Radek Zeipl, Ph.D.

Members: Ing. Sergey Leshkov; Ing. Jarmila Walachová, CSc.

From: 2010-01-01

To: 2012-12-31

The goal of the project is the study of possibility of preparation both n- and p-type superlattices composed of suitable compounds with skutterudite structure. These compounds proved to be very prospective materials for advanced thermoelectric applications in the middle temperature region. One can expect considerable enhancement of thermoelectric figure of merit (ZT) at properly designed and prepared superlattices in comparison with bulk samples. Proposed compounds, i. e. partially or fully filled skutterudites, will be prepared by means of powder metallurgy methods and targets for pulsed laser deposition (PLD) wil be formet by hot-pressing technology from them. The most suitable PLD conditions (substrate temperature, energy density of the laser beam, atmosphere in the deposition chamber) and most suitable arrangement (periodicity of the superlattices) will be studied to achieve as best as possible ZT values of the prepared superlattices. The ZT will be measured by Harman method. The thermal conductivity will be characterized by means of scanning thermal microscope.





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