Institute of Photonics and Electronics CAS organized seminar 3BIO: Biophotonics and Bioelectronics for Biomedicine on Friday Nov 25, 2016.

Top Czech scientists in the research of biophotonics and bioelectronics attended this seminar which was funded by the program Diagnostic methods and techniques of AV21 strategy and supported by IEEE and URSI. These two research fields explore the interaction of light and electric phenomena with organisms from the level of biomolecules to the level of biological tissues.


Seminar organizer Michal Cifra says: „The research in biophotonics and bioelectronics enables novel advanced methods for diagnostics in medicine and biology, which have potential to significantly improve the quality of life. However, interdisciplinary collaboration is required for efficient development of these methods. We appreciate that the Academy of Science is aware of the need of collaboration and communication among different research fields and institutes and supports them in through its strategy, for example through funding our seminar.“


Young Scientist Prize of the CSS IEEE EMB for the best poster presentation was awarded to Tomáš Špringer from Optical Biosensors team with contribution Functional Gold Nanoparticles for highly Sensitive Optical Detection of Cancer Biomarker. Congratulations!


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