Czech Academy of Science
Delegates of Academy Assembly elected new members to Academic and Science Council of the CAS for years 2021–2025. Among new members there are prof. Homola and prof. Čtyroký from IPE.

In the first half of March, President Miloš Zeman appointed Eva Zažímalová as the President of the Czech Academy of Sciences. On March 23, delegates of the Academy Assembly of the CAS elected new members of the Academy and Science Council of the CAS for the years 2021–2025.

The elections took place through a special election application. More than two hundred registered delegates elected to LVII. meeting of the Academy Assembly a total of 15 members of the Academy Council and 29 members of the Science Council for the term of office 2021–2025.

Except for six scientists who already have experience with this position from the previous period, the Academy Council will include nine new personalities from the workplaces of the Czech Academy of Sciences, including prof. Jiří Homola, Ph.D., DSc. from the Institute of Photonics and Electronics (for the first scientific field). Prof. Jiří Čtyroký, DrSc. from IPE was elected to the Science Council (also for the first scientific field).

A total of 17 members of the Academy Council (including the President of the CAS Eva Zažímalová and the President of the Science Council) will act as executive bodies for the next four years. The Science Council has a mandate for a conceptual and advisory function in matters of preparation and implementation of the science policy of the Czech Academy of Sciences. Their term of office begins on March 25, 2021.

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