Stop predatory publishing
Predatory journals, publishers and conferences are a pressing issue for the entire academic community. Scientific institutions respond with awareness campaigns. The Czech Academy of Sciences is also involved, including the ÚFE.

The publication of research results is now going through a dynamic development. The original mission of professional and scientific journals, namely service to the community and dissemination of knowledge, has in some cases turned into the pursuit of profit. Indirectly, it uploads open access publishing and research evaluation methods based only on bibliometric calculations without a qualified assessment of research papers.

Some periodicals parasitizing the system have in the past made it onto the lists of predatory journals. Currently, publishers are very careful and it may not be so easy to detect predatory practices. Low-quality and fast review management, sending spam emails with invitations to publish, providing false and invented citation indicators, or impersonating and stealing the identities of renowned journals - these are only a small part of the predatory practices we can meet.

Institutions have an educational campaign "how not to get caught" and this is also the case of the Czech Academy of Sciences. An article on this topic was published in the Newsletter of the Library of the Czech Academy of Sciences, which, among other things, talks about the creation of the Stop Predatory Practices Initiative. It fights against these unfair practices with the help of a freely available learning module, which is available to all interested parties on the initiative's website.

At our institute, we also talk about this topic at team meetings. If someone has doubts about a magazine, they can consult their team leader, who has priority responsibility for team publications. Publications in journals suspected of "predatory" and unethical practices may be excluded from evaluation or even evaluated negatively.

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