Calibration of time-stamp appliances (EUROMET Project #917, not funded)

Sponsor: EURAMET, e.V.

Coordinator: Vladimír Smotlacha, Ph.D.

Member: Alexander Kuna, Ph.D.

From: 2007-02-01

To: 2010-12-31

  1. Design and realization of a calibration computer (CC) synchronized to an external 1 pps signal traceable to UTC. The computer provides 1 pps to allow verification of the uncertainty of its synchronization by means of a time interval counter.
  2. Design and realization of a computer system that will implement the time-stamp appliance (TSA).
  3. Experiments with CC and TSA interconnected directly and through the network at various access points. Evaluation of uncertainties.
  4. Testing commercial TSA at various access points.
  5. Elaboration of calibration procedure(s)



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