Charge transport mechanism in Schottky contacts on one-dimensional ZnO nanostructures

Sponsor: Czech Science Foundation

Principal investigator: Jan Grym, Ph.D.

Members: Roman Yatskiv, Ph.D.; Jan Lorinčík, Ph.D.; Jan Vaniš, Ph.D.; Ondřej Černohorský, MSc.; Marie Hamplová, MSc..

From: 2015-01-01

To: 2017-12-31

Low dimensional semiconductor structures have been intensively studied for prospective electronic and photonic applications. One of the key issues in these devices is to understand and control charge transport at metal/semiconductor nanostructure interface. Our goal is to describe fundamental phenomena taking place during charge transport in Schottky barriers prepared on one-dimensional ZnO nanostructures. Vertical arrays of ZnO nanorods (NRs) and nanowires (NWs) prepared by hydrothermal growth are characterized by a set of diagnostic methods as a feedback for the modification of technology in order to tailor their morphology and their electrical, optical, and structural properties. Schottky contacts to individual NRs and NWs and their arrays are formed by vacuum evaporation of the metals, by the deposition of colloidal graphite, by e-beam lithography, focused electron/ion beam induced deposition, and by the tip of atomic force microscope or nanomanipulator tip in the scanning electron microscope.



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