Coherent combinantion of fiber laser beams

Year: 2013

Pavel Honzátko Ph.D.

We have experimentally achieved 20W at a wavelength of 2000 nm by coherent combination of a pair of thulium doped fiber lasers. Thulium doped fiber lasers will find applications in material industry, medicine, environment monitoring, security and safety. The laser beam combination will allow to increase the radiance (brightness) of the laser systems beyond limits of simple lasers in the future. It is the first reported coherently combined thulium-doped fiber laser working at moderate powers.

Coherent combination of laser beams.

(a) Laser system consisting of a pair of thulium-doped fibers TDF1 and TDF2 pumped by laser diodes LD1 and LD2. Resonator of the laser is formed by fiber Bragg gratings FBG1 and FBG2, respectively and reflection at the output port of directional fiber coupler. Idler port is angle polished to suppress the reflections. (b) Output power (red) and idler power (blue) dependence on the pump power. (c) Combining efficiency is close to one and does not deteriorate for high powers.


  1. Honzátko, Pavel ; Baravets, Yauhen ; Todorov, Filip ; Peterka, Pavel ; Becker, M. Coherently combined power of 20 W at 2000 nm from a pair of thulium-doped fiber lasers. .i.Laser Physics Letters./i., 2013

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