Components for high transmission rate all-optical networks

Sponsor: Grant Agency of the Academy of Sciences

Principal investigator: Pavel Honzátko, Ph.D.

Members:  Jiří Kaňka, Ph.D.; Miroslav Karásek, DSc.; Aleš Kumpera; Pavel Škoda

From: 2005-01-01

To: 2009-12-31

We believe that future development of optical networks will be towards the all-optical networks with packet switching. Optical networks will provide continuous optical path using optical crossconnects, optical add-drop multiplexers together with regeneration of optical pulses in 2R- and 3R-regenerators. Our project aims theoretical study and experimental realization of components suitable for these high transmission rate optical networks. The main building block of majority of these network elements is an optical gate. We intend to use interferometric configuration with semiconductor optical amplifier in gain-transparent regime. Using this technique we will be able to achieve large optical bandwidth and switch simultaneously several spectral channels as occurs in optical spectral bus and WDM systems. We will study optical demultiplexor, 3R regenerator, optical recovery unit, and optical memory and its use in measurement aplications.




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