Description of transport properties of Schottky diodes created by deposition of colloidal graphite on semiconductor materials

Year: 2013

Roman Yatskiv, Ph.D.

Cooperation: Chernivtsi National University

We prepared highly rectifying and thermally stable Schottky contacts by deposition of colloidal graphite on various semiconductor materials. In collaboration with the Chernivtsi National University we have shown that current-voltage characteristics of the graphite-based Schottky diodes and their temperature variations can be described by the theory of the generation-recombination in the space charge region.

I–V characteristics of a graphite/CdMnTe diode as a function of temperature

(a) Comparison of the calculation results (solid lines) with the I–V characteristics of the graphite/CdMnTe diode measured at different temperatures (circles), (b) energy band diagram of the graphite/CdMnTe diode.


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