Fiber optic amplifier for wavelengths beyond L-band

Sponsor: Fond rozvoje CESNET, z.s.p.o. 

Principal investigator: Ing. Jan Aubrecht, Ph.D.

Member of the research team from IPE: Jan Pokorný

Project number: 672/2021

From: 2021-05-01

To: 2023-05-31

In the period 5/2021–5/2023, in cooperation with the CESNET Development Fund, a project to develop fiber amplifiers for wavelengths beyond the L band in the spectral range of 1650–2050 nm was successfully implemented. As part of the project, a thulium-doped optical fiber with a suppressed refractive index around the core was produced, which preferentially amplifies signals at shorter wavelengths of the emission spectrum of thulium fibers.

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