FOGS - Fibre Optic Gas Sensing

Sponsor: Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic

Principal investigator: Zdeněk Švitorka, MSc.

Co-principal investigator: Tomáš Martan, Ph.D.

From: 2011-01-01

To: 2014-12-31

International project (participants: Czech Republic, Germany, Great Britain) is focused on evelopment of a miniaturized integrated sensor system which will be applied for CO2 detection. The sensor is based onn fibre optic and/or planar components built in fully portable system. The miniaturized sensor system will be controlled and data will be evaluated by a PC.

The goal of the part of the project solved in UFE (Institute of Photonic and Electronics AS CR) is development of optical-chemical transducers working on absorption principles, finding suitable matrix for optical-chemical transducers and immobilization of transducers on transparent optical surface.



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