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Pavel Peterka (ÚFE) speaks at the Jan Amos Komenský LasApp project kick-off meeting on 18 January 2024
ÚFE is the main coordinator of the project LasApp: Breakthrough Laser Technologies for Smart Manufacturing, Space and Bio-Tech Applications, which succeeded in the Excellent Research call of the Programme Johannes Amos Comenius. On 18 January we held a kick-off meeting with the project partners.
Successful start of 2024: we are launching 6 new projects, 4 of them supported in the Excellent Research call and 2 in the TREND programme (illustration photo)
This year we are launching 4 new projects supported by the Excellent Research Call of the Programme Johannes Amos Comenius (OP JAK) and 2 applied projects from the TREND programme. We are the main coordinator of the LasApp project (OP JAK), in the others we are a partner.
Visit of the chairman of the Science Council of the CAS Pavel Baran to the ÚFE
Pavel Baran, Chairman of the Science Council of the Cezch Academy of Sciences, visited our department on Friday, 5 January. He visited the laboratories of the national time standard, optical biosensors, fibre lasers and others.
Jan Pokorný won the competition for the best diploma thesis of the Crytur Prize
Jan Pokorný from the Fiber Lasers and Non-linear Optics research team became the winner of the 10th jubilee competition for the best diploma thesis of the Crytur Prize, together with his supervisor Pavel Peterka.
We organized a charity collection for the needy
ÚFE employees took part in a charity collection for children and adults from the asylum in Horní Počernice. They donated children's clothes, shoes and other necessities for children and adults.
Michal Kamrádek organized a seminar within the DAAD mobility project
Michal Kamrádek organized a seminar on 13 December within the mobility project between the ÚFE research team Fiber Lasers and Nonlinear Optics and the Leibniz Institute of Photonic Technology in Jena in Thüringen. The seminar took place in the ÚFE main building in Kobylisy.
Strategy AV21
On 8 December, the Institute of Photonics and Electronics hosted the 4th annual seminar Protecting Critical Infrastructures with Laser Technologies, organized as part of the AV21 Strategy.
Nanotechnology laboratory equipped for the preparation of thin films by spin coating
Consortium of eight partners from academia and research including ÚFE received financial support from the Programme Johannes Amos Comenius of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports for the AMULET project. It was successful in the Excellent Research Call. It will deal with material genetics.
ÚFE Open Days 2022
Get to know scientific research up close! Visit us during the Open Days on Thursday and Friday 9-10 November. Do not hesitate and book your excursion in time at, capacity is limited.
Big Ben radio receiver by S. M. Djaďkov at the New Homeland Czechoslovakia exhibition (photo by: Jana Plavec, AVČR)
The Czech Academy of Sciences exhibition "New Homeland Czechoslovakia" presents the work and fates of nineteen personalities who emigrated from the Russian Empire in the early 1920s. The exhibition will last until November 12, 2023.


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