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Self-assembly of the cell skeleton
Researchers from the Bioelectrodynamics research team have come up with a new discovery. The results of their research were published by Advanced Materials journal.
IPE participates in the coordination of thulium laser development and thulium optical fiber development within the European Defense Agency's TALOS project.
Prof. Massimo Gurioli from University of Florence at the IPE
Lecture of Professor Massimo Gurioli on near field microscopy attracted a number of scientific colleagues.
Hana Faitová awarded for poster at SMMIB 2019
Hana Faitová was awarded for poster at the SMMIB conference 2019, held in Tomsk (Russia), August 25 - 30, 2019.
Award for outstanding poster for Nikola Bašinová, IPE
Nikola Bašinová won an award for extraordinary poster at the International Crystallographic Conference ICCGE-19 in Colorado, USA.
ÚFE virtual tour
We have prepared a virtual tour of selected laboratories. Come in, please.
Professor Jan Vacek from Palacký University lectured on IPE
Professor Jan Vacek from the Department of Medical Chemistry and Biochemistry, Palacký University visited IPE with lecture about chiral surfaces.
Jiří Homola (photo: S. Kyselová)
Prof. Jiří Homola, Director of the Institute of Photonics and Electronics of the Czech Academy of Sciences, joined the Editorial team of Biosensors and Bioelectronics as Editor.
Professor Shean-Jen Chen, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan
Professor Shean-Jen Chen from Taiwanese National Chiao Tung University has arrived for short visit today to give a lecture to scientific colleagues.
We hosted high school students of Science Week at Jaderka
On Wednesday, June 19, we welcomed a group of high school students of the Science Week at FNSPE, who visited our laboratories.


IPE carries out fundamental and applied research in the scientific fields of photonics, optoelectronics and electronics. In these fields, IPE generates new knowledge and develops new technologies.

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