InP Epitaxial Layers Prepared from Rare-Earth Treated Melts: Growth, Characterization, and Application in Radiation Detectors

Sponsor: Czech Science Foundation

Principal investigator: Jan Grym, Ph.D.

From: 2008-01-01

To: 2010-12-31

High-purity InP LPE layers with rare-earth (RE) admixtures will be prepared. Introduction of RE in the melt leads to simultaneous gettering of shallow impurities. Donor impurities are preferentially gettered. The preferential gettering results in conductivity conversion from n- to p-type when increasing the RE content in the melt. P-type layers with substantially lowered free carrier concentrations can be grown. These layers are suitable for preparation of a Schottky contact with a large barrier height. Thick layers of p-type conductivity with a high quality Schottky contact can be applied in ionizing radiation detector structures. Results of the electrical and optical measurements will be correlated with chemical analysis performed by SIMS in order to designate the dominant residual impurities and improve the growth technology. Detailed description of the gettering phenomenon will be given together with the explanation of the conductivity conversion.




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