Investigation of Lead Iodide for X-ray Detection (bilateral project with DFG Germany)

Sponsor: Czech Science Foundation

Primary investigator: Jaroslav Maixner, Ph.D.

Coordinator: Dr. Andreas Nicolaus Danilewsky, PhD.

Co-principal investigator: Jiří Zavadil, CSc.

Members: František Kostka, Ph.D.; Jan Lorinčík, Ph.D.; Roman Yatskiv, Ph.D.; Karel Žďánský, Ph.D.

From: 2008-01-01

To: 2010-12-31

The aim of the proposed project is the preparation of PbI2 single crystals and optimization of their structural, electrical and optical properties in view of efficient detection of rtg radiation at room and elevated temperature up to 130°C. A modification of electro-optical properties in dependence on addition of suitable admixtures (rare earths, Au etc.) will be studied. PbI2 material will be prepared by direct synthesis from the elements of Pb and I2 and purified by zone melting. The Bridgman-Stockbarger growing apparatus will be used for growing single crystals. The oriented sapphire nucleus will be used to achieve the growth in the required direction. The structural properties of PbI2 will be studied by scanning electron microscopy and high resolution X-ray diffractometry. The electrical and optical properties will be evaluated by measuring I-V characteristics, the temperature dependent Hall effect and low-temperature photoluminescence. SIMS will be used to check elemental depth profiles and GDMS for elemental analysis of bulk material. Defects will be characterized by synchrotron X-ray topography 90SRXT. The detection efficiency of prepared structures will be characterized by charge collection efficiency and by spectral resolution.




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