Kristýna Holanová and Jiří Slabý guests of the Czech Television TV show Sama doma
Kristýna Holanová and Jiří Slabý were guests of a live broadcasted journalistic TV show Sama doma of the Czech Television. They introduced research of our Institute and invited to the Science Fair in June.

Scientists Kristýna Holanová a Jiří Slabý accepted the invitation of Czech Television and appeared in the live broadcasted journalistic program Sama doma on ČT1. This created another part of the science popularization series in this TV show, which was prepared by Czech Television in cooperation with the Czech Academy of Sciences, including interesting scientific examples. 

During this pleasant meeting, the researchers explained to the audience how top scientific research and technologies are beneficial for everyday life. At the same time, the researchers invited the audience at the television screens to the Science Fair, which will take place from 2 to 4 June at the PVA Exhibition Center in Praha Letňany and where our institute will have a stand. Directly in the studio, they demonstrated what visitors will see at our booth and what they will be able to try.

You can watch the show from the recording here

ÚFE in the TV show Sama doma of the Czech Television

ÚFE in the TV show Sama doma of the Czech Television

ÚFE in the TV show Sama doma of the Czech Television

Source: The Czech Television

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