Laboratory of electrodynamic biosignals

Laboratory for the preparation of biological samples and measurement of photonic and radio-frequency biosignals.

Preparing of biological samples


CO2 incubator (ESCO , CCL-170V-V)

Incubator shaker (YIAER , LM-420D)

Temperature adjustable shaker (Bioer , MB-102)

Refrigerated centrifuge (Heraeus , Biofuge Stratos)

Centrifuge with swinging bucket rotor (LW Scientific, 800-726-7345 CXR)

Coulter Counter (Beckman Coulter Z2)

Microscope (Olympus BX50, phase contrast)

 Water Bath (Bioer)  

Ultrasonic cleaner with heating (UltrasonicCleaner, CD-4830)

pH meter (EZDO , PL-600)

Conductivity meter (ThermoScientific, Orion)

CO2 meter (Lutron, GCH-2018)

Laboratory scales (BEL Engineering, ES2002)

Magnetic stirrer with heating (Banta, MS300)


Measurement of photonic Biosignals


Light-tight chamber with temperature control (40x40x40 cm)

Light-tight chamber with temperature control (25x25x25 cm)

Light-tight chamber with a controlled atmosphere and temperature control (8x20x40 cm)

High voltage supply (Stanford Research Systems, PS370)

Set of photomultipliers (Hamamatsu, H7360, R2256-02, R3896, R4220, R7518P, R7518)

Measurement of radio-frequency biosignals 


Anti-vibration table (Melles Griot TVI)

Micromanipulator and mikroinjector for handling cells (Sutter Instrument, MP85-1059, BRI-2013)



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