Laboratory for frequency stability measurements

Short-term frequency stability measurements (time domain):BVA oscillator with fine tuning and extra shielding.


  • Ultra-stable 5 MHz BVA reference oscillators Oscilloquartz 8600-BC5GE.
  • Time interval analyzer TSC 5110A.
  • Laboratory comparators based on dual-mixer time-difference multiplacation with background noise of 5.5⋅10-15 in terms of Allan deviation for averaging interval of 1 s at 5 MHz in 26 Hz bandwidth.
  • Universal time interval counters Stanford Research SR620.


Phase noise measurements (frequency domain):Dual-Mixer Time-Difference Multiplier.


  • Phase Noise Detector FSS1000E with modified Phase-Lock Loop (PLL) and the the background noise of L(ƒ=1Hz) = −145dBc/Hz, L(ƒ=100kHz) = −177dBc/Hz at 5 MHz.
  • FFT Spectrum Analyzer Stanford Research SR760.


View of the entire laboratory:

Laboratoř pro měření frekvenční stability

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