Laboratory of Optical Fibres

Optical fibre preparation:

MCVD (Modified Chemical Vapor Deposition)

MCVD (Modified Chemical Vapor Deposition)    Zařízení pro přípravu preforem

- for deposition of silica layers doped with germanium, phosphorus and boron
- an oxygen-hydrogen burner with an automatic temperature control for deposition and collapse
- the typical outer diameter of substrate tubes is 18 mm


Optical-fiber drawing

Tažicí věž na optická vlákna      Tažicí věž na optická vlákna          

- two 6.5 m drawing towers
- Special Gas Controls and Centorr graphite furnaces for drawing temperature range 1600-2200°C
- resistance furnace "Clasic" for drawing of "soft-glass fibers" at temperatures up to 1000°C
- optional UV or heat cured polymer coating of drawn fibers
- take-up machine (Heathway)


Dip-coating (ID Lab)


  - dipping/pulling speed range 0-300 mm/min
  - movement range 0-500 mm













RTA - zařízení pro zpracování vzorků rychlým ohřevem

  - Rapid Thermal Processing/Annealing (RTA) AccuThermo AW410












Thermal annealing

vysokoteplotní (1600°C) laboratorní pec Clasic

  - high-temperature (1600°C) laboratory furnace Clasic

  - tube furnaces for annealing temperatures up to 1000°C
















Fusion splicing

Svářečka optických vláken

  - Furukawa electric, model S178A
  - Applicable Fibers SM, MM, DSF, NZD, EDF, BIF/UBIF
  - Cladding Diameter 80-150 μm
  - Coating Diameter 100-1,000 μm
  - Splice Time 7 seconds (semi-auto mode),9 seconds (regular mode)





Other equipment:

  • preform analyzer Photon Kinetics A2600

analyzator preforem


  • OTDR



  • Fiber spectrophotometers Ocean Optics USB2000, NIR256 and SD 2000


  • Optical fiber sources

optické vláknové zdroje (výbojky, lasery, LED)


  • Optical fibers cutter FK11 – York

rezacka optickych vlaken


View of the building, where the laboratory is located:

Building - Laboratory of Optical Fibres

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