Lattice mismatch compensation in heteroepitaxy on micro and nanoporous A3B5 semiconductors and deposition of metals and semiconductors into micropores

Sponsor: Czech Science Foundation

Principal investigator: Jan Grym, Ph.D.

Co-principal investigator: Eduard Hulicius, CSc.

Members: Prof. Petar Gladkov, Ph.D.; Zdeněk Jarchovský, MSc.; Jan Lorinčík, Ph.D.; Dušan Nohavica, Ph.D.; Jan Vaniš, Ph.D.; Roman Yatskiv, Ph.D.

From: 2010-01-01

To: 2012-12-31

This project focuses on the epitaxial growth of highly mismatched heterostructures on porous substrates of A3B5 semiconductors and on the deposition of metallic and semiconductor materials into micropores. Preparation of high quality lattice mismatched epitaxial layers is one of the most challenging tasks in semiconductor technology. Electrochemically prepared micro and nanopores in InP and GaAs will be overgrown by LPE and MOCVD to evaluate (i) the conversion of pores into microbubbles and microlamellae, (ii) the expected reduction of dislocation density in the overgown layer, (iii) the strain distribution at heterointerfaces. Remote plasma CVD and electrochemical deposition will be used to deposit ZnO into micropores and onto porous GaP substrates to study the unique optical properties of these structures. Pt will be deposited electrochemically into porous networks as the first step towards the preparation of metamaterials. Structural, electrical, and optical properties will be investigated by optical microscopy, SEM, AFM, SIMS, wet etching, Hall measurement, PL, and microCL.

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