Low-phonon energy transparent ceramic luminophores emitting in the short- and mid-infrared

Sponsor: GAČR (Czech Science Foundation) 

Principal investigator: Jan Mrázek, Ph.D.

Co-Principal investigator: prof. Dr. Dipl.-Min. Willi Pabst, Vysoká škola chemicko-technologická v Praze

Project Number: 22-14200S

From: 2022-04-01

To: 2024-12-31

The project is focused on an experimental research concerning the properties and preparation approaches of transparent ceramic luminophores emitting in the short- and mid- infrared spectral range. The chemical composition of rare earth elements (RE) doped compounds with the general formula (RE0.05A0.95)2B2O7 crystallizing in the pyrochlore structure will be modified in order to decrease the phonon energy of the crystal lattice. We will study the effect of the phonon energy on the luminescence properties of RE in the infrared region beyond 2.5 um to improve the luminescence properties. Spark plasma sintering (SPS) will be used to prepare a set of bulk transparent ceramic samples exhibiting the luminescence in the spectral range beyond 2.5 um. The optical properties of the prepared transparent ceramic samples will be correlated with the structural properties and the chemical composition. The expected results can significantly contribute to a boom of novel discoveries in the field of high-power lasers operating beyond 2.5 um and related applications in navigation systems and biomedicine.

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