Nanofabrication laboratory

A multifunctional nanotechnological instrument Tescan Lyra 3GM combines the techniques of scanning electron and ion beam microscopy with electron and ion beam induced deposition and etching, electron and ion beam lithography, energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy, and time-of-flight mass spectrometry. This instrument allows us to observe, machine, and manipulate nanostructures; to prepare contacts to them; to fabricate lamellae for transmission electron microscopy, and; to perform their in-situ electrical and chemical analyses.


Tescan Lyra 3GM  
  • SE and BSE detectors in the chamber,
  • in-beam SE and in-beam BSE detectors in the column,
  • Canion Ga+ focused ion beam (FIB), resolution < 5 nm at 30 kV, probe current 1 pA to 40 nA, 
  • 5-line Gas injection system (GIS),
  • two nanoprobes – Oxford Instrument Omniprobe OP400 and SmarAct,
  • Oxford Instrument UltimMax 100 EDX detector,
  • Tofwerk Time-Of-Flight SIMS spectrometer,
  • load lock,
  • decontaminator.
Nanofabrication laboratory

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