National institute for cancer research (program EXCELES)

Sponsor: Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech republic

Principal investigator: RNDr. Markéta Bocková, Ing. Jiří Homola, Ph.D., DSc.

From: 2022-06-01

To: 2025-12-15

This project creates a nationwide network of institutions pursuing excellent research in the field of oncology. In this project, we will focus on the research and development of new plasmonic biosensors to gain new knowledge about biomolecular processes related to cancer and provide new tools for diagnosing cancer. Specifically, we will focus on biosensor research for the characterization of polymer nanotherapeutics, rapid and sensitive detection of biomarkers in complex biological samples, and investigation of biomolecular interactions related to the onset and progression of cancer diseases.

IPE carries out fundamental and applied research in the scientific fields of photonics, optoelectronics and electronics. In these fields, IPE generates new knowledge and develops new technologies.

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