Offered topics for Diploma Theses:

FIB: a manufacturing tool for nanostructures

FIB SIMS is a modern physical tool for the creation of nanometer sized objects using a focused ion beam. Those nanoobjects can be formed either by the sputtering effect of the ion beam, which we call the nanomachining, or by locally inducing the decomposition of a properly chosen gas adsorbed on the sample surface, which is used for the growth of nanoobjects.
The goal of the thesis is a controlled creation of two- and three-dimensional nanostructures for photonic and sensor applications.  
The available facility is a new multifunctional instrument based on a scanning electron microscope, FIB-type ion gun producing Ga+ ions, and a computer controlled gas injection system.

Qualifications: students of physics, chemistry, materials science and related disciplines.

Supervisors: Jan Grym, Ph.D.; Jan Vaniš, Ph.D.

Preparation and Characterization of Semiconductor Nanostructures

Low dimensional semiconductor structures have been intensively studied for prospective electronic and photonic applications. Diploma or Ph.D. thesis will focus on the preparation of one-dimensional ZnO structures, investigation of their structural, electrical, and optical properties and description of the phenomena occurring when these nanostructures interact with gas molecules and electromagnetic radiation.


  • Laboratories for the preparation of ZnO nanostructures by hydrothermal growth, electrochemical deposition, chemical vapour deposition, and electrophoretic deposition.
  • Clean rooms.
  • Multifunctional apparatus based on an electron microscope SEM equipped with focused ion beam FIB of Ga+ ions, computer controlled gas injection system GIS, and nanomanipulator. This apparatus allows for the observation, analysis, milling, and preparation of contacts to the nanostructures.
  • Laboratories for the electrical and optical characterization of the materials and structures

(I-V and C-V measurements in a wide range of temperatures, DLTS, conductive AFM, STM, Raman and optical spectroscopy, Low temperature photoluminescence, cathodoluminescence).

Qualifications: students of physics, chemistry, materials science and related disciplines.

Supervisors: Roman Yatskiv, Ph.D.; Jan Grym, Ph.D.; Jan Vaniš, Ph.D.


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