Optical sensors development laboratory

Development and validation of novel types of optical sensors.


  • High resolution spectrometer (ORIEL MS 257, Newport Corp., USA)
  • VIS spectrometer (MCS 501, Carl Zeiss, Germany)
  • High-power white light source (Model 66884, Newport Corp, USA)
  • He-Ne laser, emission wavelength 633 nm (Carl Zeiss, Germany)
  • SPR sensor utilizing long-range surface plasmons (IPE AS CR, v.v.i., Czech Republic)
  • Experimental optical setup for sensing with localised surface plasmons (IPE AS CR, v.v.i., Czech Republic)

Laboratoř vývoje optických senzorů

IPE carries out fundamental and applied research in the scientific fields of photonics, optoelectronics and electronics. In these fields, IPE generates new knowledge and develops new technologies.

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