A graf from the authors A.V. Yulin, V. Kuzmiak a S. Eyderman was chosen by the Physical Review A editor to be published in the “Kaleidoscope”.


This figure appears in the paper on “Bright cavity solitons in metamaterials with internal resonances” by A.V. Yulin, V. Kuzmiak, and S. Eyderman and it has been published in Physical Review A in June 2015. The image shows the temporal evolution of the maximum modulus of the Fabry-Pérot cavity electric field associated with bright dissipative solitons which may exist in cavities with built-in nonlinear resonators. These solitonic structures have discontinuity in the plasmonic part and of the polaritonic field and exist due to an intrinsic multiplicity of the solution of the solution for the plasmonic resonators density. The solutions may have two profoundly different localization scales, referred t as single-and dual-core solitons.  The image that has been selected by the Editor of Physical Review A to be displayed on the journal web part of “Kaleidoscope”   displays an adiabatic decay of the dual-core solitons which under certain initial conditions reveals strong oscillatory behavior which occurs due to the excitation of the internal mode of the soliton with spectrum consisting of a pair of discrete nonzero eigenvalues in the band gap. 

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