Věda na dosah
Meeting of light and matter. Marek Piliarik presents nanooptics in the next part of the podcast series of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic Věda na dosah.

Marek Piliarik, who leads the Nano-optics research team at the Institute of Photonics and Electronics, appears in the podcast When Light Meets Matter. It introduces listeners to modern microscopy. The podcast was created within the podcast series of the Academy Věda na dosah, which provides listeners profile interviews with scientists from the institutes of the Czech Academy of Sciences and brings interesting facts about what they are working on, how they think and how they see the world today.

You can listen to the podcast here (in Czech only) or on Spotify, Google Podcasts, iTunes or Anchor. A list of all previous episodes can be found here.

Marek Piliarik (Nano-optika)

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