Preparation and characterisation of disordered materials for application in infrared spectra

Sponsor: Ministry of education, youth and sports

Principal co-investigator: Mgr. Roman Yatskiv, Ph.D. 

Members: Jan Grym, Ph.D.Stanislav Tiagulskyi, Ph.D.

From: 2020-03-01

To: 2021-12-31

The project objectives:

  • To determine the influence of composition of new glasses, especially the influence of RE ions and/or selected transition metals (eg. Bi, W, Mo) in HMO glasses based on the PbCl2-TeO2 binary system and the addition of alkaline halides (CsX, KX, NaX, where X=I, Br, Cl) in chalcogenide glasses derived from the Ga-Sb-S/Se and Ga-Ge-(As)-S systems, on their optical and charge transport properties.
  • To select the most thermally and chemically stable glass compositions for doping with RE ions.
  • To investigate the possibility of using measurements of electrical/dielectric properties to evaluate the influence of technological conditions, during glass preparation, on the quality of prepared glasses and to enable their optimisation, as well as the tuning of composition particularly in regard to achieve higher purity and lower OH group’s concentration.
  • To evaluate the basic structural units forming the glassy network using infrared spectroscopy (KBr pellets method) and Raman scattering.
  • To investigate the radiative efficiency of 4f-4f radiative transitions within doped-in RE3+ ions and to study the involved energy-transfer phenomena, especially with regard to up-conversion mechanisms and interactions between doped-in RE ions and the surrounding glassy matrix.
  • To investigate the transfer of energy between co-doped RE3+ ions and its influence on the luminescence properties of studied glasses.

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