Research and Measurement of Signals Generated by Nanostructures

Sponsor: Czech Science Foundation

Co-principal investigator: Jiří Pokorný, DrSc.

Members: Daniel Havelka, MSc.; František Jelínek, Ph.D.; Ondřej Kučera, Ph.D.; Fedor Šrobár, DSc.

From: 2011-01-01

To: 2013-12-31

Based on analysis of artificial and biological structures, a unique screened extremely sensitive system affording acquisition of signal irradiated by described nanostructures will be built. Requested solution is a sensor with linear surface area dimensions 100 nm or less, with signal power level below 0.1 fW, and discrete frequencies in the 0-20 MHz and 10-50 GHz regions. The system would employ measured object positioning under microscope by micromanipulators and for data capture special sensors with preamplifiers transforming primary signals generated by nanostructures into a form suitable for input to subsequent macroscopic preamplifiers. Apparature will be used to measure signals generated by nanostructures: the results will be interpreted within the physical context of the given kind of nanostructure.


Interactive Biology


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