The role of transition metals and rare earth elements in the preparation of materials based on InP for radiation detectors

Sponsor: Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (AV ČR)

Principal investigator: Roman Yatskiv, Ph.D.

Members: Ondřej Černohorský, MSc.; Jan Grym, Ph.D.; Jan Vaniš, Ph.D., Marie Hamplová, MSc.

From: 2009-01-01

To: 2011-12-31

Investigation of the influence of rare-earth elements on the preparation of semi insulating bulk crystals of InP and epitaxial layers of n and p type conductivity and their application in radiation detectors at room temperature was performed.


  1. R.Yatskiv, J. Grym, K. Zdansky, L. Pekarek: Room temperature particle detectors based on indium phosphide, Nuclear Inst. and Methods in Physics Research, A 2010; 612(2):334-337.
  2. R.Yatskiv, J. Grym, K. Zdansky: Particle detectors based on semiconducting InP epitaxial layers, Journal of Instrumentation 2011; 6: C01072.
  3. R. Yatskiv, J. Grym, K. Zdansky, L.Pekarek, J. Zavadil: Growth of InP Crystals with rare-earth elements, Confeerence proceedings, 21th intern. conf. on indium phosphide and related materials, California(USA), 2009: p. 91-93.


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