Scientists from IPE at Days of Science at Christian Doppler Grammar School
On 4 December, scientists from the Nano-optics team and Fiber Lasers and Non-Linear Optics attended the Days of Science at Christian Doppler Grammar School.

Marek Piliarik from Nano-optics research team a Jan Mrázek with Ivan Kašík from Fiber lasers and non-linear optics research team accepted the invitation of prof. Dagmar Švarcová from Christian Doppler Grammar School and attended Days of Science, days of expert lectures for students of grammar school, which took place on December 4 in the main building in Zborovská street in Prague 5.


Scientists from IPE gave these lectures:

Modern Microscopy - lecturer M. Piliarik

The lecture summarized the basic principles used in optical microscopy, discussed general rules and limitations in the use of microscopes in current scientific practice, and discussed in detail recent advances in microscopy going to the boundary of individual molecules.

Measurement by light - lecturer J. Mrázek

Optical sensors are used today in all fields of human activity, from simple optical barriers to advanced optical biosensors enabling the detection of biochemical compounds at the level of individual molecules. Their boom began in the late 20th century with the advent of cheap and small opto-electronic components that serve as light sources or detectors. The increasing performance of computer technology enabled the development of demanding optical sensors that require real-time data processing and / or a large amount of data for signal evaluation. With the massive advent of fiber optics in telecommunications at the turn of the millennium, fiber optic sensors have emerged. These offer a number of advantages such as durability, small footprint, the ability to deploy in hazardous environments, and the ability to detect along the fiber optic path. Due to the fact that optical fiber sensors have been researched at the Institute since 1990s, special attention was paid to this type of sensor in the lecture.

The magic of optical fibers and fiber lasers - lecturer I. Kašík

In the lecture, students learned about the importance of light in modern photonic applications. They learned about the principles of optical fiber and classical lasers, and what is the way from passive optical fibers for transmission in telecommunications to fiber lasers. They were acquainted with examples of some fiber-optic innovations and their impact on everyday life.

Vědci ÚFE na Dnech vědy Gymnázia Ch. Dopplera (zdroj: Gymnázium Ch. Dopplera) Vědci ÚFE na Dnech vědy Gymnázia Ch. Dopplera (zdroj: Gymnázium Ch. Dopplera) Vědci ÚFE na Dnech vědy Gymnázia Ch. Dopplera (zdroj: Gymnázium Ch. Dopplera)

Photo by: Christian Doppler Grammar School

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