Self-assembly of the cell skeleton
Researchers from the Bioelectrodynamics research team have come up with a new discovery. The results of their research were published by Advanced Materials journal.

Scientists from the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic discovered a completely new way of modulating the self-assembly of nanoscopic building blocks - proteins - into cytoskeleton structures, using very short and intense electrical pulses. Noteworthy about this discovery is that pulses can fundamentally affect the nanoscopic shape of the self-assembled structure, either reversibly or irreversibly, according to the pulse parameter settings. This discovery has an impact on the development of new bionanomaterials and can lead to new electromagnetic approaches in biomedical therapeutic methods, such as cancer treatment. The discovery was published in the prestigious journal Advanced Materials (

Press release (pdf in Czech only)

Advanced Materilas Vol. 31, No. 39, 2019 

Cover image of the journal Advanced Materials Nr. 39/2019 

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Djamel Eddine Chafai, ÚFE

Dr. Djamel Eddine Chafai
Photo by: Petra Palečková 

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