Self-sweeping of laser wavelength and associated instabilities of fiber lasers

Sponsor: Czech Science Foundation

Registration number: 16-13306S

Principal investigator: Pavel Peterka, Ph.D.

Members: Pavel Koška, MSc., Jakub Cajzl, MSc., Jan Aubrecht, Ph.D., Jana Proboštová, MSc.

From: 2016-01-01

To: 2018-12-31

Fiber lasers make a growing impact on society thanks to expanding range of wavelengths and thanks to ever increasing performance of their power. Therefore, investigation of instabilities of fiber lasers are currently highly relevant field of research. The project is aimed at basic research on only lately observed self-pulsing instability of fiber lasers that is accompanied by characteristic phenomenon of self-sweeping of the laser wavelength. New theoretical models will be created and experiments will be performed with focus to investigate the origins of the laser wavelength self-sweeping and its role as a trigger mechanism of the laser self-Q-switching. Methods for the control and stabilization of the self-sweeping parameters, including direction of sweeping, will be studied as the self-sweeping regime can be potentially exploited in high-power swept laser sources. On the other hand, deeper insight on effect of the fiber laser wavelength self-sweeping should result in methods for avoiding the laser wavelength self-sweeping and associated undesirable instabilities.

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