Spectroscopic laboratory

Characterization of chemical compounds and surfaces by means of UV-Vis, Raman and IR spectroscopy.


spectro lab 1

  • UV-Vis spectrophotometer with temperature stabilization (Cary 4000, Varian, Australia)
  • UV/Vis NanoPhotometer for nanovolume (Pearl, Implen, Germany)

spectro lab 2

  • FT-IR spectrometer Nicolet 6700 (4000-500 cm-1) with smart SADA accessory and PEM module (3000-1500cm-1) (Thermo Scientific, USA)

spectro lab 3

  • Raman microscope (inVia, Renishaw, UK)

IPE carries out fundamental and applied research in the scientific fields of photonics, optoelectronics and electronics. In these fields, IPE generates new knowledge and develops new technologies.

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