Synthesis, characterization and tailoring the properties of luminescent nanocomposites

Sponsor: GA ČR

Co-principal investigator: Ivan Kašík, Ph.D.

Členové: Jan Mrázek, Ph.D.

From: 2017-01-01

To: 2019-12-31

We will fabricate, characterize and optimize luminescent and scintillating nanocomposites. The research will focus on four groups of materials, in particular luminescent nanocomposites prepared by nanoparticle dispersion in organic or inorganic matrices, core-shell systems based on ZnO, nanocomposites for PDTX and exotic multicomponent garnets. Starting nanopowders of each material studied will be prepared by radiation synthesis, the method providing materials of high purity, narrow particle size distribution and high level of interaction among constituents. Processing the nanopowders we will fabricate nanocomposites with a high perspective for applications in bio-medical field and scintillation detectors, especially those intended for fast timing. The luminescence and scintillating properties of prepared nanocomposites will be monitored and studied regarding especially the speed and efficiency of scintillation mechanism. With a feedback to technology the materials will be optimized regarding their potential target application.

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