Utilization of signals of the new satellite navigation systems for comparison of time scales

Sponsor: Technologická agentura České republiky (TA ČR)

Principal investigator: Alexander Kuna, Ph.D.

Member: Pavel Trojánek, MSc.

From: 2015-01-01

To: 2016-12-31

The project aims at innovation of the instrument for time scales comparison using signals from multiple satellite navigation systems. The innovation is based on adding support for currently unsupported signals of the European satellite navigation system GALILEO as well as the signals of the Chinese satellite navigation system BeiDou. The benefit of using these signals for the time scales comparisons and their impact on the accuracy of the comparison are studied. Additionally, the means of calibration of such instruments are also investigated in order to keep and improve the competitiveness in the world markets.


  • Development of prototype instrument for the time scales comparisons using multiple satellite navigation systems including GPS, GLONASS, SBAS, GALILEO, and BeiDou.
  • Study of using the GALILEO signals E5b and E5 AltBOC for the time scales comparisons and their impact on improving the accuracy of the comparison.
  • Research the means of the calibration of the time scales comparison instruments using the satellite navigation systems.





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