Waveguide-based components laboratory

Characterization of integrated optics devices

Charakterizace integrovaně optických součástek


  • Ar-ion laser (Coherent, Innova 308),
  • Ti: Sapphire tunable laser (Coherent, Ti:Sa 890),
  • Sets of micro-positioning stages for light in and out-coupling from integrated-optics devices (Melles Griot)
  • Set of micro-positioning stages light in and out-coupling from integrated-optics devices with closed-loop piezos, two stepper motors and optical feedback (Melles Griot, NanoMax series)
  • Tunable laser 1500-1640 nm (Agilent, 81642B)

Inscription of long period gratings

Equipment:Zápis vláknových mřížek s dlouhou periodou

  • CO2 single-line laser, tunable in 9.2 – 10.8 µm range(Coherent, GEM Select 50),
  • micro-positioning stages (total travel of 50, 15, and 15 cm) with 10-nm encoder, linear motor and air bearing (the 50-cm axis only) (Aerotech, ABL20050, Als130-150),
  • singlemode fiber-input optical spectrum analyzer with 10-pm optical resolution, spectrum range: 600-1700 nm (Ando, 6317B)
  • optical vector and polarization analyzer for S,C, and L bands (LUNA, CTe model extended with an external S+C band tunable laser (Agilent, 81680B)
  • Long-range dispersion analyzer (LRDA, LUNA Technologies)


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Laboratoř vlnovodných komponent

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