Preparation of glass preform for optical fiber
The year 2022 was declared the International Year of Glass by the United Nations. IPE and glass, it is a tight connection that deserves a toast.

Glass has accompanied humanity for centuries, enriches the quality of life of millions of people and is one of the most important and all-purpose materials in history, states the UN to declare the International Year of Glass.

Members of the Fiber Lasers and Non-linear Optics Research Team symbolically toast to the opening of the International Year of Glass – IYOG.

Glass is a fascinating and beautiful material that also plays an important role in the optical fiber technology research. Quartz glass is used for the production of optical fibers for telecommunications, fiber lasers and fiber sensors, the research of which is carried out by a group of scientists at IPE. Optical fiber technology research began in 1979 in Czechoslovakia in the laboratories of the Academy of Sciences (press release) as one of the consequences of the International Congress on Glass held a year earlier in Prague.

IYOG 2022 brings with it a number of professional activities on the topic of glass, such as the July ICG Congress in Berlin or the November Czech and Slovak Conference on Glass in Prague. Researchers from IPE plan to acquaint visitors with their latest results in the field of technologies for the preparation of optical quartz fibers doped with nanoparticles for fiber lasers with high optical power.


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