The winners of the Lab Day Competition at the electron microscope
The winners of the Lab Day Competition came to spend their winnings - at their request we took them (not only) to the electron and ion microscopy laboratory.

Vendula and Ondra competed at the ÚFE stand at the Science Fair for a Lab Day and won. They got the opportunity to spend a day in the laboratory of their choice.

They decided for the research team Synthesis and Characterization of Nanomaterials. The scientists initiated them into the secrets of the nanoworld not only theoretically, but also with illustrative examples. The nanoworld is so tiny that it's hard to believe what our scientists can do in it. Vendula and Ondra spent most of their time in the electron and ion microscopy laboratory at the TESCAN LYRA3 GM scanning electron microscope. It is not surprising, because with this multifunctional instrument they could try observing, machining and manipulating nanostructures.

Enriched with new scientific experiences, they left our institute, and we hope that similar enthusiasts and science fans will visit us again, for example at the ÚFE Open Days, which are held every autumn at both of our workplaces.


Výherci soutěže o DEN V LABU na ÚFE

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