COST Action MP1204

SMMO Conference

The joint event is based on progress reports from the Working Groups (WGs) of COST ACTION MP1204 and is complemented by contributions from members external to the ACTION. The sessions are open to all participants, promoting a unique opportunity to share experience and discuss a wide range of subjects related to both MIR and THz optoelectronic devices. All participants are stimulated to propose new joint projects and to bring proposal outlines if they are searching for proposal submission partners, notably to Horizon 2020.


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Prof. Roberto Morandotti - INRS (Canada)
Novel THz Applications from Bio-imaging to Signal Processing.

Dr. Anna Sitek - University of Iceland (Iceland)
Corner-induced electron distribution and optical absorption in polygonal nanorings.

Dr. Hynek Němec - Institute of Physics, The Czech Academy of Sciences (Czech Republic)
Transient Terahertz Conductivity in Nanoscaled Systems.

Dr. Christelle Kadlec - Institute of Physics, The Czech Academy of Sciences (Czech Republic)
Dielectric Metamaterials for the Terahertz Range.

Prof. Gaetano Scamarcio - Università Degli Studi Di Bari (Italy)
Optical feedback interferometry in THz quantum cascade lasers: free carrier imaging and optical metamaterial response.

Dr. Miriam Serena Vitiello - National Research Council (Italy)
Photonic engineering of THz quantum cascade resonators.

Dr. Anna Szerling - Institute of Electron Technology (Poland)
Processing of AlGaAs/GaAs and InGaAs/InAlAs/InP semiconductor structures for QC lasers.

Dr. Marcin Motyka - Institute of Physics, Wrocław University of Technology (Poland)
On the active region improvement in interband cascade lasers.

Dr. Tomasz Czyszanowski - Institute of Physics, Lodz University of Technology (Poland)
Monolithic subwavelength high-index-contrast grating VCSEL.

Prof. Shumin Wang - Chalmers University of Technology (Sweden)
Recent progress on dilute bismide.

Prof. Arūnas Krotkus - Centre for Physical Sciences and Technology (Lithuania)
Growth and characterization of dilute bismides for terahertz and laser applications.

Mr. Till Mohr - TU Darmstadt (Germany)
Terahertz homodyne self-mixing: A new spectroscopic technique- Basics and two-dimensional tomographic imaging applications.


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