Institute of Photonics and Electronics, Czech Academy of Sciences
Chaberská 1014/57
182 00  Praha 8 - Kobylisy
Czech Republic

phone: +420 266 773 400

IČ: 67985882, DIČ: CZ67985882

Data box: m54nucy

How to find us

Main building (Kobylisy)

GPS: 50°7'51.274"N, 14°27'12.246"E (show map)

The main building of the IPE is located in the northern part of Prague (district "Kobylisy") and it is easily accessible by city transportation. The easiest way how to get to the main building of IPE is to use the subway. You should travel with a subway train on line C to the station "KOBYLISY". From there it's about a 10 minutes walk. However, you can also take a tram no. 17 in the direction "VOZOVNA KOBYLISY". The main building is situated between the stops "LIBEZNICKA" and "VOZOVNA KOBYLISY". You will have immediate visual contact with a big building with a small tower and some antennas at the top.

Mapa - Hlavní budova - Kobylisy

You'll be able to see the building from quite a long distance due to its size. Check out the photos, which should help you in finding it:

ÚFE Hlavní budova  ÚFE Hlavní budova  ÚFE Hlavní budova  ÚFE Hlavní budova

Our Dislocated Laboratory (Suchdol)

GPS: 50°7'37.073"N, 14°22'59.499"E (show map)

The dislocated part of the IPE, Laboratory of Optical Fibres, is located at Rozvojova 264, 160 00 Prague 6 - Lysolaje. Starting from the terminal station of the line A of the subway "DEJVICKA", take the bus No. 107 or 147 to the stop "KAMYCKA". From there it takes roughly 3 minutes to get to the area of chemical institutes of the Academy of Sciences.

Mapa - Detašované pracoviště - Suchdol

A current photo of the dislocated laboratory:

Budova - Laboratoř optických vláken

IPE carries out fundamental and applied research in the scientific fields of photonics, optoelectronics and electronics. In these fields, IPE generates new knowledge and develops new technologies.

Contact us

Data box: m54nucy

IČ: 67985882
DIČ: CZ67985882