Fiber lasers and non-linear optics: Patents


P. Peterka,

P. Koška,

O. Podrazký,

V. Matějec,

I. Kašík

"Amplifying module, method of making the same, and cladding pumped optical device incorporating the module," CZ Pat. 305888, 9 March 2016. 

P. Koška,

P. Peterka,

M. Písařík

"Mode field adapter for signal branch of pump and signal combiners, combiner, and optical device," CZ Pat. 305868. The patent was achieved with the company SQS within the joint project "eyesafe2u - Fibre optic components for "eye-safe" spectral region around 2 um," supported by the Ministry of Industry and Trade (2012-15), the components and innovations developed within the project are in use in the ÚFE and in the SQS

Pavel Peterka, Ph.D.,

Pavel Honzátko Ph.D.

a R. Slavík

"All-fiber passive Q-switched laser with passive Q-switching",

Patent #303333, 21. 6. 2012.

Pavel Honzátko Ph.D.

Optické zařízení pro vlnovou konverzi optických signálů,

Patent #20815, 26. 4. 2012

Pavel Peterka, Ph.D.,

Vlastimil Matějec, Ph.D.

a Ivan Kašík, Ph.D.

"Method and device for coupling the signal and pump into double-clad optical fiber for fiber amplifiers and lasers",

Patent # 301215, 9. 12. 2009.

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