Team focus


Our mission: to probe and influence biosystems using an electromagnetic field at the biomolecular level

Our vision: design novel electromagnetic methods for benign and more efficient bio-nanotechnology and medicine to bring us closer to a world where electromagnetic technologies can painlessly prevent, detect and cure diseases.

Our approach: advanced electromagnetic concepts, micro/nanotechnology enabled, tools and computer simulations.


Computational modelling approaches: electromagnetic properties of biological systems 

How do biological systems respond to and generate electromagnetic field? We use molecular and coarse-grain modelling and simulations in order to aid in the development and interpretation of our experiments. Currently, our focus is on modelling intense pulsed electric field effects on cytoskeleton structures. Furthermore, we use classical molecular dynamics to simulate dielectric properties of biomatter. Our work includes modeling processes which generate endogenous biological electromagnetic field in the microwave and visible band. See selected papers for more information: 

Electromagnetic chips: design and technology 

Which tools do we use to verify our theories and models? We develop unique radiofrequency/microwave chips and planar structures including microfluidics to carry out experiments for the verification purpose. The chips are designed using advanced computational tools and produced using micro/nanofabrication techniques. Our chips are designed to be compatible with frontier microscopy systems to observe the biomolecular structures and cells in action when exposed to the electromagnetic field. See selected papers for more information: 

Biophysical experiments: electromagnetic properties of proteins and cells 

We verify theoretical simulations via experimentation: currently, we focus on cytoskeleton protein nanostructures, namely microtubule and related proteins. Microtubules are crucial structures present in every cell and enable cell division and intracellular transport. Our current projects aim to measure electromagnetic/dielectric properties of microtubular systems and control these systems using ultra-short electric and electromagnetic pulses. Our experimental work also includes measurement and analysis of endogenous light (luminescence) of cells, currently within the context of label-free probing of oxidation-modulating bioeffects of electromagnetic fields. See selected papers for more information: 

IPE carries out fundamental and applied research in the scientific fields of photonics, optoelectronics and electronics. In these fields, IPE generates new knowledge and develops new technologies.

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