Team focus

The research team deals with the investigation of high-power fiber lasers and their use for material processing, medicine and nonlinear optics. The main topics are laser beam combining, generation and amplification of optical pulses, guiding light and its interaction with materials. High powers achievable with fiber lasers allow the investigation of nonlinear effects like difference frequency generation. Difference frequency generation in periodically poled KTP crystals can be used to generate mid-infared radiation for the use in laser spectroscopy and metrology.

High-power fiber lasers

Nowadays, high-power fiber lasers are used in material industry, medicine and as a pump for mid-infrared generators. Our research is oriented towards the following areas:

  • rare-earth-doped fiber lasers (ytterbium, erbium, thulium, holmium)
  • laser beam combining
  • mode-locked and Q-switched fiber lasers
  • components for high-power fiber lasers

Mid-infrared photonics

Our research is focused on widely tunable generators of coherent radiation based on difference frequency generation in periodically poled KTP and KTA crystals. We use high-power fiber lasers as sources of fundamental frequencies. The research is further oriented towards applications in spectroscopy (medical diagnostics, environmental monitoring etc.) and metrology (transfer of measurement methods the from near infrared to mid infrared). The work is complemented by the development of components for high-power fiber lasers. We have technology for fiber preform fabrication, fiber drawing, fiber tapering and processing, periodic poling of crystals, thin layer deposition, EBL, FIB-SIMS.

Special fibers

Investigations are focused on optical fibers based on thulium-doped, nanocrystalline zinc-titanate nanoparticles embedded into a glass matrix. Nanoparticles allow higher luminescence yield thanks to lower phonon energy and elimination of clustering. We also develop microstructure and Bragg fibers.

Chairman: Pavel Honzátko, Ph.D.
Deputy chairman: Pavel Peterka, Ph.D., Ivan Kašík, Ph.D.

IPE carries out fundamental and applied research in the scientific fields of photonics, optoelectronics and electronics. In these fields, IPE generates new knowledge and develops new technologies.

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