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Open days in 2018
The Institute of Photonics and Electronics of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic welcomed during the Open days almost 500 visitors.
Come see inside our laboratories. Do not hesitate and register today, the capacity is limited!
The first laser eye surgery in Czechoslovakia
It has been 60 years since the first laser eye surgery in Czechoslovakia, which took place under the direction of Dr. Jan John in the building of our institute in 1964.
HiLASE Centre Dolní Břežany
The new LasApp project was presented at the international workshop Laser Innovative Technologies, organized by the Czech Optical Cluster on June 5 - 6 in Dolní Břežany (Centrum HiLASE and ELI Beamlines).
Prof. Jiří Homola
The Assembly of Researchers of ÚFE has nominated Prof. Jiří Homola as a candidate for the election of the President of the Czech Academy of Sciences for the period 2025-2029.
Vysoká účinnost i kvalita. Projekt LasApp podpoří nejmodernější vláknové a tenkodiskové lasery a jejich využití
Efektivně podpořit lasery, a tím i technologický rozvoj Česka chce projekt LasApp. Propojuje excelentní výzkumná centra AV ČR, Univerzity Karlovy a dalších institucí a zaměří se na nejmodernější vláknové a tenkodiskové lasery, které se uplatňují např. ve strojírenství, medicíně a obranných systémech. Více v tiskové zprávě.
Invitation to the Science Fair 2024
We invite you to the ÚFE stand at the Science Fair, where we will introduce you to the nanoworld in motion and the beauty of optical fibers. We have also prepared a competition for a day in the laboratory. Don't miss the biggest scientific event in the Czech Republic! Come from May 30 to June 1 to PVA Letňany. Admission is free.
Prof. Andrews from the University of California gave the lecture at ÚFE
Today, prof. Andrews from the University of California gave the lecture at ÚFE on the topic of personalized medicine and predictive treatment. After the lecture, the professor visited the laboratories conducting related research.
President of the Czech Academy of Sciences Eva Zažímalová visited ÚFE (on the picture from the left - Director of ÚFE Pavel Peterka, Vice-President of the CAS Ilona Müllerová and President of the CAS Eva Zažímalová)
During her half-day visit, the President of the Cezch Academy of Sciences Eva Zažímalová visited seven laboratories in the building in Kobylisy. The management of the Czech Academy of Sciences appreciated the cutting-edge research supported by prestigious projects, as well as the growing successful commercialization of some research outputs.
Pavel Peterka (ÚFE) speaks at the Jan Amos Komenský LasApp project kick-off meeting on 18 January 2024
ÚFE is the main coordinator of the project LasApp: Breakthrough Laser Technologies for Smart Manufacturing, Space and Bio-Tech Applications, which succeeded in the Excellent Research call of the Programme Johannes Amos Comenius. On 18 January we held a kick-off meeting with the project partners.


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