Optical Biosensors team organized 10th Advanced Study Course on Optical Chemical Sensors – ASCOS2017: Biochemical sensors in medicine (July 20 - July 27, 2017). ASCOS 2017 was held in beautiful setting of Castle hotel Třešť in Czech Highland region under the support of Czech Academy of Sciences.


Since the first ASCOS in 1999, ASCOS has become an established and internationally recognized educational platform for young researchers in the field of optical chemical sensors and biosensors. ASCOS follows up and is connected with the most important European conference in the field of optical chemical sensors and biosensors – Europt(r)ode.



ASCOS 2017 was attended by 51 young scientists and students from 11 different countries. The ASCOS 2017 program consisted of 18 tutorial lectures covering the main aspects of optical chemical sensor and biosensor technologies and their applications in medicine, that are given by invited lecturers - leading experts in their respective fields - from 9 European countries and the United Stated. The tutorial lectures were complemented with group work projects, providing ASCOS participants with platform to apply their knowledge to find a solution for a specific problem related to optical biochemical sensors and their application in medicine. Tutors were available during project group work sessions to answer questions related to these analytical problems. The results of group work projects were presented on the last day of the ASCOS 2017.


An integral part of ASCOS 2017 were also joint sports and social activities. ASCOS participants went on bikes to the city of Telč, where they took a guided tour to the castle (UNESCO world cultural heritage site). In addition, the Puzzle hunting game was held for the first time in the history of ASCOS.


Ivana Víšová from Optical Biosensors team, ŪFE, won the first price in the Student Project Competition. It is also worth mentioning, that Ivana’s team won the third price in the Puzzle Hunting Game! Congratulations!
The second prize in the Student Project Competition went to the team of Kristýna Holanová from team Nanooptics, ŪFE. Congratulations!





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