Novel nanostructured optical fibers for fiber lasers operating at dual wavelengths

Sponsor: GAČR (Czech Science Foundation) 

Principal investigator: ITME-Polsko, prof. Ryszard Buczynski

Co-Principal investigator: Ivan Kašík, Ph.D.

Members of the team: Assoc. Prof. Pavel Peterka, Ph.D., Jan Aubrecht, Ph.D., Michal Kamrádek, MSc., Petr Vařák, MSc., Ivo Bartoň, Ph.D.

Project Number: 21-45431L

From: 2021-10-01

To: 2024-09-31

Fiber lasers are in focus of intense research thanks to their high efficiency, beam quality, high average power, compactness and other advantages that are beneficial for increasing scope of applications. A niche type of fiber lasers are dual wavelengths lasers that are used for nonlinear frequency conversion, multi-color pump-probe spectroscopy or Raman scattering spectroscopy. The project is aimed at basic research of novel type of nanostructured optical fibers suitable for fiber lasers operating simultaneously at dual wavelengths, namely around 1 and 1.5 micrometers. Two complementary methods will be studied and exploited: method of nanostructuring that allows for arbitrary tailoring of refractive index and gain profile of fibers; and method of nanoparticle doping of preforms that allows for enhanced spectroscopic properties of the rare-earth ions. Original findings in the field of fiber lasers are expected thanks to synergy between material research scientists and laser physicists across L-IMIF and ÚFE research teams.

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