Research of novel geometries and layouts of double-clad rare-earth-doped fibers for high power fiber lasers

Sponsor: Czech Science Foundation

Principal investigator: Ing. Pavel Peterka, Ph.D.

Members of the team: Ing. Jan Aubrecht, Ph.D., Ali A. Jasim, Ph.D., Bára Jiříčková, Ing. Martin Grábner, Ph.D.Ing. Michal Kamrádek, Dr. Ing. Ivan Kašík, Ing. Ondřej Podrazký, Ph.D.

Project Number: 19-03141S

From: 2019-01-01

To: 2021-12-31

Fiber lasers are attractive coherent light sources for many areas of human activities. Energy efficient, high-power, small footprint and reliable fiber lasers and laser wavelength versatility are highly relevant fields of investigation. The project is aimed at basic research of new geometry and layouts of double-clad rare-earth doped fibers for high-power fiber lasers. We plan to investigate ways to tailor the pump absorption along the active fiber so that the overall efficiency of the fiber is increased and detrimental nonlinear effects and energy upconversion processes are mitigated as well as excess heating of the fiber. Basic principles and fiber concepts will be first formulated with the help of numerical modelling. We build on our pioneering work in the field. Selected fiber geometries and layouts will be tested experimentally in thulium fibers emitting around 1900-2050 nm and holmium doped fibers emitting at around 2100 nm. Recently developed, ceramic-nanoparticle doping method will be used for preparation of active fibers.

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