SubTHz on-chip devices for controlling protein nanomachines

Sponsor: Czech Science foundation

Principal investigator: Ing. Michal Cifra, Ph.D.

From: 2020-01-01

To: 2024-12-31

Proteins are highly evolved natural nanomachines with a great nanotechnological potential. To be employed in nanotechnology to perform various tasks, their function needs to be controlled, what is typically done via chemical modifications. However, such methods are resource demanding and cumbersome. Here we take on a grand challenge of modulating protein function by coupling subTHz pulses to protein subTHz vibration modes, which govern protein function. To that end, we will design, fabricate and test unique subTHz on-chip devices employing advanced electromagnetic concepts to intensify wave-protein interaction and to monitor the effect of pulses on the tasks performed by proteins nanomachines using ultrafast super-resolution microscopy. The project will generate advanced electromagnetic tools and devices enabling subTHz-based control of protein nanomachine ensembles. We expect ground-breaking impact in nanotechnology based on new possibilities in the engineering of electromagnetic wave-matter nanoscale interaction.

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