The new chairman of the Scientific Council of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic Ing. Jiří Čtyroký, DrSc. was elected on sixth October 2011.
During the neutrino velocity measurement within the OPERA experiment, the GTR50 measurement setup was used for independent time calibration between CERN and LNGS. This device is a result of cooperation between the Time and Frequency Department of the Institute of Photonics and Electronics and the company Dicom Uherské Hradiště.
This year this prestigious award was handed over by Prof. Drahos, Chairman of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, to two outstanding scientists - Assoc. Prof. Jiri Homola, Ph.D., DSc. (Institute of Photonics and Electronics) and Prof. Martin Hof (J.Heyrovský Institute of Physical Chemistry) for their research in optical biosensors and fluorescence method, respectively.
RNDr. Hana Vaisocherová, Ph.D., a fellow researcher from the department of optical sensors, was granted one of prestigious scholarships from the L'Oréal company for "Women in Science" in 2011. Her project is called "Trap Shuts in a Few Minutes".
Our Laboratory of Optical Fibers is organizing a seminar for secondary school teachers which will focus on optical fibers and optical devices on Tuesday 6th November from 13:30.
RNDr. Radan Slavík, PhD., DSc., a scientist in the photonics field, received a special Achievement award of the chairman of GA ČR for his project "Tunable active fiber components based on long-period fiber grids".
16th May, 2010 marks an important anniversary - 50 years since Theodor Maiman lit up the first laser ever.
The Czech-Austrian experiment focused on comparing the time of atomic clocks in Prague and Vienna using a fiber optic link.
Open doors day of our institute took place from 7th - 9th November, 2012 in connection to the Week of Science and Technology which is organized annually by the Academy of sciences of the CR.


IPE carries out fundamental and applied research in the scientific fields of photonics, optoelectronics and electronics. In these fields, IPE generates new knowledge and develops new technologies.

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